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• Application and enterprise systems integration • Establishing enterprise messaging and middleware footprint • Master data management strategy and implementation • Establishing a strong and scalable security infrastructure integrated with application landscapes

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Cloud computing

MEDHAVIS Inc, Cloud Services offer innovative solutions on public, private as well as the hybrid cloud.We help the enterprise and IT to shift their focus from maintenance and operations to innovation. Our offerings provide comprehensive support in managing and optimizing the cloud platforms in an efficient manner.

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Application development

MEDHAVIS Inc, develops applications which are customized to meet your unique business requirements, present and potential.Built on suitable scalable architecture using advanced technologies, the software applications we develop for you include web based applications, multi-tier applications, client/server applications, system integration and database management.

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With ever growing data channels, data generation is increasing exponentially in volume, variety and complexity. we understand the importance of tackling these Big Data challenges in order to manage data from these disparate sources by implementing technologies that help aggregate, integrate and validate data to provide meaningful insights and real time business value. Our expertise in Big Data technology implementation allows companies to focus on revenue maximization as well as improving operational efficiencies.

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Database Dev&Admin

Our expert Admin/database developers can maintain/program any model of database to fit your software needs, including hierarchical, network, relational, object-oriented, entry-relationship, document and entity-attribute-value. We use agile development best practices, so our database architects can collaborate with our front- and back-end programmers with ease to rapidly create your ideal, data-driven solution.

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Vendor Management

Eliminates multiple layers of infrastructure that, quite simply, our competitors can’t. And the cost benefits don’t stop there. The MEDHAVIS network allows us to recruit locally throughout the country without having to set up thousands of offices resulting in significant savings that are directly passed on to you and your bottom line.